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This is a printed collection of writing by Catharine Upton.
The account of the Siege of Gibraltar written by Samuel Ancell, clerk to the 58th Regiment of Foot stationed on Gibraltar.
Oil on canvas
This is the full account of the anonymous account of the Siege of Gibraltar excerpted in newspapers and magazines in 1781.
A metal plate from the uniform of the 72nd Regiment of Foot, the British regiment which Catharine Upton's husband was a lieutenant of.
A map made by William Faden showing Gibraltar during the Siege, including French, Spanish, and British army and navy locations.
Silver coffeepot, wooden handle
Last will and testament of Alexander Petrie
A short obituary for Alexander Petrie, a Silver-Smith in Charleston, in 1768
Reprinted letter from Bristol to London, recounting an appeal from Bristol merchants to sympathize with the American cause. Disseminated in a London newspaper.
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